Sew a Beret Hat as a Gift

Some may confused that how could sew a beret hat if one purchased semi-finished products. Many people believed that gifts made by themselves would be the most heartfelt gifts. It’s difficult for layman to sew a beret. So, the biggest problem is find a perfect way to sew all pieces together. Some practical steps involving sewing a beret are as follows:

1. Pin pattern pieces to the chosen material. The first step is position them to an appropriate location on the owned fabric. Enough pins would be necessary to fix pattern piece on the choice material. Then cut out excessive part, creating a perfect top piece along the edge of your pattern carefully.

2. Pin fabric parts together. All cutting-out pieces should be pinned inside out. In this way, all seams could be hidden on the inside of the finished product. There is no need to care about some materials, because both side of this material is same totally.

3. Pinning the underside of the beret with the band. In general, the part is the most difficult part of pinning. One has to fold all tabs over, then all tabs will form a 90 degrees angle with the rest of the band. In order to guarantee the underside piece sitting on the top of the tabs, they should be pinned orderly along the opening on the underside piece. After turned the right side out, all tabs and seams are invisible. In addition, the band and the underside will form a 90 degree.

4. Sewing all pieces together. One could sew it by hand if it is not convenient to use sewing machine. In the link, your band will form into a loop. 1.3 cm seam allowance should be preserved, then make sure each end features a seam allowance in 0.6 cm length. Then connect the underside to the band with threads, sewing them together along the inner circle. Small tabs on the band will get sewn to the underside piece. In this way two pieces will connect with each other. The last step is to sew the underside piece to the top piece. It’s similar that one should keep all pieces inside out.

5. After accomplish above steps, flip the beret’s right side out. Trying to flat the seam between the top and underside of the beret with an iron set to smooth the fabric. The seam connecting the underside and the band should be at a right angle rather than flat. Adjust it with one’s fingers and make the seam in place.

6. It would be possible for a person who would like add something unique to the beret, such as exquisite decoration and accessories. Most berets feature a little “tail” in the center of the top, so you could add a felt “tail” on the top, too. Additional embellishment like a small pom-pom or tassel would be not bad choices.

All above guidance is helpful to sewing a unique and attractive beret easily. Come on and sew a beautiful beret. Welcome to our website and one could contact us if you have any suggestion.