How to Knit a Beret?

When winter is around the corner, knit beret is one of choices that one could keep its head warm. Among numerous knit berets, one could be confused and do not know which one is better. How about knit a beret by yourself. Then it would be the unique knit beret. No matter where you go, it is almost impossible to find a same knit beret.

At first, select a pattern your like and purchase related yarn. At local yarn shop, various patterns are available. When selecting patterns and yarns, one also should consider knitting skills. In other words, one should select simple patterns if you are a green hand. In general, specific pattern will also be attached to detailed weight of yarn. So that one could knit an intact beret in the right size.

In addition to selecting a pattern, the needles’ size is also an important factor whether one could finish a beret properly. In many conditions, some people would like to choose circular knitting needles for knitting a beret, because the swatch you needed is comparatively long. A kind of comfortable yarn would be nice, because the yarn will contact with the skin directly. Otherwise, heavy wool yarn could be itching and uncomfortable when it contacts with your forehead. Considering all above factors, the priority before knitting is to balance warmth and attractive look with a yarn.

Before starting, one needs to grasp knitting skills, avoiding some irrevocable damage. It sounds great that knit a sample swatch prior to begin formally. One could get accustomed to the yarn’s performances and stitches in the process of knitting.

In general, the basic design needs many stitches on needles, which are equivalent to the head circumference. In many cases, the number of those stitches are sixty needles. After accomplishing several rows of the same length, the band of your knit beret has been completed. What needed to do is increase stitches regularly, weaving knitted piece longer and longer.

When you get to knit the middle part, which is also the widest part of the knit beret, then one needs to reduce stitches at regular intervals. In this way, one could create a flat look of the beret. In the end, one should tie a dozen stitches together at the top.

After accomplishing all above steps, a nice beret knitted in one’s own person has been finished. It will keep your head nice and toasty warm. In addition to various occasions, it also could be taken as a gift to others. There is no need to worry someone else will wear a same knit beret.

There are also many websites, in which one could customize knit berets, wool berets, beanies, top hats, artist berets, etc. Some of them are dedicated to elegant style while some millineries are dedicated to daily style. Both of them are popular among different groups. I also would like recommend a good millinery to all readers: Although there is many a beret, all berets on the website are high-quality, cheap and cheerful.

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