Fashionable Bucket Hat

In the late 1980s, bucket hats always emerged in some hip hop scenes. It was also the first time that hats were accepted as an assortment of accessories. In recent years, they have made a big comeback in fashion circles. To a great extent, fishing hats are link with casual clothes. Some guidance on wearing such hats in a suitable manner could be found in the following parts.

How to choose material of hats. Many headcovers are made from different materials. Material of sun protection hats depend on different occasions and weather conditions. In general, cotton buckets are suitable for warmer weathers; denim buckets, cold weathers. Nylon hats are suitable for activities like fishing or camping. If you would like to grab people’s attention, hats are good choices.

Which kind of headpieces are ideal for you, wide-brim or small-brim hats? In general, such hats are used to block strong sunlight to protect your skin. Typical stylistic hats feature smaller brims for special visual effects. Fishermen’s hat with a chin strap or a reversible one combines two designs in one are also popular among most people. If you have no idea to choose which brand, you might as well compare similar hats as much as possible. Some upscale fashion brands are helpful for you to create a nostalgic look. On the contrary, one also could look for hats without obvious logo or brand to create a low-key look.

Wearing a unique hat is a wonderful manner to express one’s individuality. All tiny details could become highlights of your outfits, such bright colours and abstract patterns. A tie-dye hats are perfect to create an eye-catching look if one would like grab attentions from surrounded people. In other words, it a great manner to make your presence felt. One could also express individuality through wearing it at an angle. Such methods could create a more casual feel than wearing a bucket hat straight to cover most of your foreheads. One could also try to roll up the brim of a fishing hat, creating a brand-new feel for your outfit. To a certain extent, rolling up brims of hats could change the entire style of fishermen’s hat. Whether one would like to stand up from others through unique wearing methods or not, it’s a fabulous way to add your personal touch.

Such a hat could go well with simple jeans and t-shirts. Try to imagine a scene of a Sunday brunch, one could shuffle with a pair of sandals and a casual headpiece. Pairing a casual headpiece with a minimalist t-shirt and a pair of jeans or shorts. A light jacket and patterned t-shirt could be more formal than casual t-shirts and jeans, but the whole look is still laid-back. In winter, pairing such hats with a sweatshirt is stylish for joggers.

The last but not the least, color coordination plays an important role in creating stylish outfits. A solid-colored hat is better than a colorful one if you wear patterned clothes, and vice versa.

How to Knit a Beret?

When winter is around the corner, knit beret is one of choices that one could keep its head warm. Among numerous knit berets, one could be confused and do not know which one is better. How about knit a beret by yourself. Then it would be the unique knit beret. No matter where you go, it is almost impossible to find a same knit beret.

At first, select a pattern your like and purchase related yarn. At local yarn shop, various patterns are available. When selecting patterns and yarns, one also should consider knitting skills. In other words, one should select simple patterns if you are a green hand. In general, specific pattern will also be attached to detailed weight of yarn. So that one could knit an intact beret in the right size.

In addition to selecting a pattern, the needles’ size is also an important factor whether one could finish a beret properly. In many conditions, some people would like to choose circular knitting needles for knitting a beret, because the swatch you needed is comparatively long. A kind of comfortable yarn would be nice, because the yarn will contact with the skin directly. Otherwise, heavy wool yarn could be itching and uncomfortable when it contacts with your forehead. Considering all above factors, the priority before knitting is to balance warmth and attractive look with a yarn.

Before starting, one needs to grasp knitting skills, avoiding some irrevocable damage. It sounds great that knit a sample swatch prior to begin formally. One could get accustomed to the yarn’s performances and stitches in the process of knitting.

In general, the basic design needs many stitches on needles, which are equivalent to the head circumference. In many cases, the number of those stitches are sixty needles. After accomplishing several rows of the same length, the band of your knit beret has been completed. What needed to do is increase stitches regularly, weaving knitted piece longer and longer.

When you get to knit the middle part, which is also the widest part of the knit beret, then one needs to reduce stitches at regular intervals. In this way, one could create a flat look of the beret. In the end, one should tie a dozen stitches together at the top.

After accomplishing all above steps, a nice beret knitted in one’s own person has been finished. It will keep your head nice and toasty warm. In addition to various occasions, it also could be taken as a gift to others. There is no need to worry someone else will wear a same knit beret.

There are also many websites, in which one could customize knit berets, wool berets, beanies, top hats, artist berets, etc. Some of them are dedicated to elegant style while some millineries are dedicated to daily style. Both of them are popular among different groups. I also would like recommend a good millinery to all readers: Although there is many a beret, all berets on the website are high-quality, cheap and cheerful.

Sew a Beret Hat as a Gift

Some may confused that how could sew a beret hat if one purchased semi-finished products. Many people believed that gifts made by themselves would be the most heartfelt gifts. It’s difficult for layman to sew a beret. So, the biggest problem is find a perfect way to sew all pieces together. Some practical steps involving sewing a beret are as follows:

1. Pin pattern pieces to the chosen material. The first step is position them to an appropriate location on the owned fabric. Enough pins would be necessary to fix pattern piece on the choice material. Then cut out excessive part, creating a perfect top piece along the edge of your pattern carefully.

2. Pin fabric parts together. All cutting-out pieces should be pinned inside out. In this way, all seams could be hidden on the inside of the finished product. There is no need to care about some materials, because both side of this material is same totally.

3. Pinning the underside of the beret with the band. In general, the part is the most difficult part of pinning. One has to fold all tabs over, then all tabs will form a 90 degrees angle with the rest of the band. In order to guarantee the underside piece sitting on the top of the tabs, they should be pinned orderly along the opening on the underside piece. After turned the right side out, all tabs and seams are invisible. In addition, the band and the underside will form a 90 degree.

4. Sewing all pieces together. One could sew it by hand if it is not convenient to use sewing machine. In the link, your band will form into a loop. 1.3 cm seam allowance should be preserved, then make sure each end features a seam allowance in 0.6 cm length. Then connect the underside to the band with threads, sewing them together along the inner circle. Small tabs on the band will get sewn to the underside piece. In this way two pieces will connect with each other. The last step is to sew the underside piece to the top piece. It’s similar that one should keep all pieces inside out.

5. After accomplish above steps, flip the beret’s right side out. Trying to flat the seam between the top and underside of the beret with an iron set to smooth the fabric. The seam connecting the underside and the band should be at a right angle rather than flat. Adjust it with one’s fingers and make the seam in place.

6. It would be possible for a person who would like add something unique to the beret, such as exquisite decoration and accessories. Most berets feature a little “tail” in the center of the top, so you could add a felt “tail” on the top, too. Additional embellishment like a small pom-pom or tassel would be not bad choices.

All above guidance is helpful to sewing a unique and attractive beret easily. Come on and sew a beautiful beret. Welcome to our website and one could contact us if you have any suggestion.



How to Make a Beret

Since invention of berets, it has been around for thousands of years. In the Basque region of France, this type of hat was worn by shepherds in tradition. At present, berets become the synonymy of French sophistication rather than the epitome of rough rural peasants. However, these days berets would be expensive. There is also a cost-effective manner that one could secure cheap and cheerful berets.

Sewing a Simple Beret Hat


Tip 1 Choice Materials

In tradition, berets are made of wool felt. It would be better if one chooses thick felt. More than a half yard of felt would be enough to design and sew a fashionable beret. It should be noted that felt will contact with the skin directly, so choice felt is necessary to avoid itchy and other uncomfortable experiences.

Tip 2 Make sure Head Circumference with Tailor’s Measuring Tape

For the purpose of personalizing tailor-to-measure felt beret, diameter of one’s head, namely head circumference, will determine the size of opening in the beret. Anything flexible like threads, stripes and cloth could be using as a measuring tape, wrapping around your head. Then the length of the tape is equivalent to head circumference.

Tip 3 Patter Design

At first, one needs to draw pattern on a thin piece of paper as much as possible. A intact felt beret consists of three parts: the band, the top of hat and the underside of the beret. Some seam allowance should be preserved appropriately, so that those three parts could be fastened together perfectly.

Pattern Piece for the Band

Along one of the long sides of the rectangular band, tab should be woven onto a long skinny one. When it refers to the length, additional seam allowance in 1.3 length should be added to diameter of one’s head. Then, the total width of the band should be 3.8cm in total. After cutting out the rectangle base in this size, one also needs to cut out little V-shapes on one long side. The little “V” should be 2.5 cm center to center. The deepest point of each “V’ should be 1.3 cm.

Draw Pattern on the Top Piece

It’s probably good 30cm diameter is suitable to the top piece. Then draw a circle on pattern paper this size. How could draw a circle in the event that you have not a compass? A homemade compass would be a perfect solution of the problem. Tied a string to a pencil, and fixed the other end of string on the pattern paper with a tiny needle. Then one could draw a circle in a right size after setting a correct semi-diameter. A record would be helpful greatly.

Cutting an Underside of the Beret

Two circles would be included in the link. The larger one should be cut out in the size of top piece. The second center would sit in the center of the first circle. Then all above three pieces could be sewed together.