Watch Justice League Full Movie Cast – DC’s Super hero and Role


Bruce Wayne is the billionaire son of Thomas and Martha Wayne and CEO of Wayne Enterprises. He is also the secret identity of the crime-fighting Vigilante known as the Batman. As we all know that the batman is the one of the leading role in Justice League movie. He will united all the team together and fights with the unknown enemy.

Wonder Woman

Recent time we saw the “The Wonder Woman” and previously we saw the special appearance “Batman VS Superman” in this movies and we all know that she is one of the most powerful character in the DC’s Comic Super hero. Here you can see the how she will represent the role in Justice League watch:


Aquaman is Arthur Curry. He is a man from Atlantis who was found out washed ashore as a baby by a lighthouse keeper. He raised him as his son and taught him to use his powers to fight crime as Aquaman. He has super-strength, super-speed, can breathe underwater, control all sea animals and communicate with them. He is a member of the superhero group the Justice League.

The Flash

The Flash Character is presented by the Barry Allen. From now we only see The Flash is the season called “The Flash” but now we can see him in the justice league movie. The Batman gives him offer to join the team of justice league. He is the most powerful and funniest character in the Justice League Movie Trailer


The son of two brilliant research scientists, Victor stone, earned their anger by devoting his own passion to sports rather than science. However, his life nearly came to an end when his trouble making friend Ron Evers convinced Victor to participate in a gang fight in which he was fatally wounded. He was saved by the efforts of his father, who replaced the missing parts of his body with limbs made of the metal molybdenum. Horrified with his new body, victor runs away from home. Now gifted with abilities beyond the norm, Vic also found himself an outcast and, until persuaded to join the Titans (where he met lifelong friend Beast Boy (changeling), wanted little more than to die. His life since then has been far from ideal, as he went through a number of changes which made him less and less human. Recently, however, he has regained a partially-human body and after a brief period of residence in Keystone City, he headed out to San Francisco to found the new Teen Titans, where he helps train the new heroic generation. Now we will see him to join in the Justice Leaguemovie.